Galimberti Mario

Our contract office is the tangible image of our values ​​and our over fifty-year tradition.

Accuracy, punctuality, attention to the customer: these are the principles on which we shape our daily work.

The customer who turns to us knows that he will find qualified professionals who are always ready to listen to his needs. Starting from our catalog and the suggestive images that show every little detail of our products, we are able to create customized items and customizations.

We work both with private individuals and with architects and planners, putting the same passion and dedication into every single project, regardless of size and always choosing top quality materials.


Innovation coupled with traditional techniques are the focus that lead us to create prestigious and tailored solutions for your home.


Are you an architect, interior designer, decorator with ideas or a project? Bring it to us, we will realize it together!

Are you a furniture enthusiast and would like a truly unique product?

We put all our experience and passion at your disposal to shape your desires. We listen to you and, together with you, design to provide you with truly tailored comfort.